Watercolor, a study of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Sully
(American School, 1793-1872), $210,000.00

This watercolor had been in the family for generations. It had been stored in the attic for many years in a broken frame. Because of unusual circumstances they finally decided that the time had come to sell. A dealer offered to buy the painting for what the owner thought was a substantial amount but he decided to check with a qualified appraiser before he sold it to this gentleman. I appraised the painting for sale purposes but had trouble finding comparables as it was really one of a kind. I advised my client on the most advantageous sales outlet and the watercolor sold at Christie's auction in New York in May, 2003 for four times the amount that the dealer offered.
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S.E.G. or Paul Revere Pottery vase
signed S.E.G. and dated 1913. $700.00

This vase was in an estate and the owner was going to put it in a garage sale but thought that she would check with me first. Lucky she did!
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Mahogany Federal Tambour Secretary, New Hampshire
1800-1815 $15,000.00

This secretary had been in the family for many generations and was owned by a relative who was the Salt Commissioner of the Port of Bath (Maine) in the early 1800's. I explained to the family that establishing provenance adds value and makes the piece all that more interesting.
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African mask, Ivory Coast
mid 19th C.   $3,600.00

I was called upon to do an estate appraisal. The daughter of the deceased gave me an overview of the items to be appraised but didn't mention this mask, which I noticed in the recesses of a cupboard. She had no idea that it had any value. She mentioned that her sister had a similar African mask, which also turned out to be quite valuable.
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